Day 47

Becca started chemo last night finally… I almost hate to say that. She is doing AWESOME and is just a bit tired, which is a side affect. She worked with PT today and was able to do more than at LDS rehab. The doctors are impressed she is still working out while doing the chemo. She should be on the drip until Monday night. A few have asked when the effects will kick in, she should loose her hair in about 10-14 days. Becca is just fine with that, she said “who cares? it’s only hair and it will grow back.”

By the way, these are the names of the drugs for you google scholors: Ifosfamide, Doxorubicin, & Mesna.

Keep praying for strength and that the tumor will completely dissolve with the chemo… she really doesn’t want surgery again unless she has to. Thanks again for all your love.

7 thoughts on “Day 47

  1. Anonymous

    Just wanted to let ya’ll know how inspired my family and I are by your faith, courage, and perseverance. We continue to pray for Becca and your whole family. It’s good to see pics of Becca getting around so much better. Lots of love coming your way from Texas!! -Dawn Cooper and family

  2. Anonymous

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know we think of you all the time. Please let Rebecca know I miss her bright and shining face. We miss all of you. And Randy I wanted to let you know you are doing a wonderful job, and not all men would be able to handle what you are so well.

    Love ya guys,

    The Frederickson’s

  3. Anonymous

    Becca, as you continue treatment we want to let you know we have been praying and will continue to pray for you and the family. Randy, you are doing a great joy in keeping all informed. Please know we are praying for your strength also.
    Richard and Linda Dolan

  4. Sherry King

    Good Morning Team Gib!

    Wow- this to me is all great news!Becca is strong,strong,strong, is fighting back. I admire and love your Spirit and enthusiasum in this journey.

    Becca, I have to say, w/o being too sappy,I’m so thrilled to see you eating & walking on your own. It is just so inspiring to me. You have giveen me hope for life in general. If you guys can overcome some of these huge obstacles you’ve faced- it makes me think maybe I can overcome some of mine,which pale in comparison.

    You both have a warrior spirit that shines though, I so admire that.
    Knowing you’ve started on chemo has to bring uncertainty but also joy- you’re now kicking some butt to that ugly cancer. It won’t stay around long, not with the kicking you’re giving it! You will be up and around and home again with the rest of Team Gib and it’s closer every day now.
    You guys are in my prayers. Stay strong Team Gib!!

  5. Anonymous

    WOW, what a few weeks. You are doing so well. I am so proud of you and your strong desire to fight this. Keep it up girlie!!!
    Love, Sarah
    p.s. I know a good hairdresser when you need one! She will keep you looking good! 😉

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