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Type of Cancer & Chemo

It seems we always need this information, but I have to search the site a hundred times. ¬†So now I’m placing it all in one area.

Type of Cancer: Oncogenic osteoblastic sarcoma

Chemos: Doxorubicin, cisplatin, ifosfamide, methotrexate

This is not fun at all.

Here is a picture of what my thigh injection looks like 24 hours after. This one was even without the autoject. They keep saying this is normal and can last up to six weeks. I’ve done it for almost a week. Wow… Five more possibly. Hmm… I’ll try!! I’ve put cortisone cream on and now my doctor has me putting preparation H on. It doesn’t seem to do anything. It’s still really really itchy. I’m taking an oatmeal bath. It didn’t do any good either. I’ve had another blessing and I know I’ll be comforted. I know I’m stubborn enough to get through this. I may not be in the Continue reading